Let’s Start the Engine

We all smiled like Cheshire cats and breathed a huge collective sigh of relief. But, wait, now I faced the lengthy process of re-connecting all the wiring, cables, hoses, ventilation pipes, and so on; something only I could do. What I thought might take two days consumed the better part of five long, hard days squeezing into tight places and wrapping my fingers and hands around seemingly impossible bends. I needed arms with 4 joints, not just two.

Fuel Pre-Heater Wiring

As the days dragged on, I thanked my lucky stars that I had taken numerous photographs of how pieces fit into place prior to removal. As I reassembled things, what seemed the logical way to route a wiring loom or hose frequently did not work. Things pretty much had to go back exactly the same way they were originally installed. I had to disconnect and reroute several bits and pieces before everything fit back together properly. Finally though, everything was bolted in place, wires were all connected, hoses, pipes and fittings all hooked up. Ready to go.

Or, so I thought. After bleeding air out of the diesel fuel system, I went topside to turn the key, and absolutely nothing happened! Oh no. What did I break or forget? After first panicking, I stepped back to think what was most likely wrong. No power at all to the engine instrument panel. Something was missing.

Starter Power Circuit was Tucked safely out of the Way

Looking over the engine wiring, I spied a heavy brown wire with a large ring connector and a red protective boot. Voila! The wire was neatly tucked out of the way, in behind a couple hoses and wire looms exactly where I’d placed it to keep it from snagging as we moved the engine out and back into place. The French used heavy brown wire as the positive leads on engine circuits, and I had failed to re- connect this one to the starter. Once the brown wire was properly connected, I turned the key again, and Varoom! Perky happily hummed; I truly mean hummed because the new insulation had dramatically reduced the audible engine noise level. I could hear Joy give a scream as she raised her arms in a victory salute and tears streamed down her face, tears of joy. Finally, our life could move back towards normal.

We’re almost there