Wrapping Up the North Sails Event

What can I tell you about these sails? North has an excellent video on their website explaining in detail the technology, the manufacturing process, and the expectations for these sails. The sail is on North’s top of the line Dacron, Nordac, and the manufacturing process is the same technology that drives North’s highly acclaimed 3Di carbon fiber and Aramid racing sails. The process to build one of these sails takes 22 days, start to finish, and 7 of those days are required for the resin to cure in a tightly controlled environment while the sail remains on the computer shaped mold. The end result is a seamless, high performance, highly durable, cruising sail. We are thrilled with these sails on Ocean Angel. You can check out the process here: North Sails 3di Nordac

The photo in our header above pretty much sums it all up. These sails are awesome!

Dan Neri, CEO of North Sails, at the Head of the Table

The North Sails media event wrapped up Friday evening with a happy hour and seafood dinner on the beach at the Bitter End Yacht Club. After dinner we gathered on board the press boat for a couple drinks, and as I was talking with Dan, he said, “Steve, you sure have a lot of lines coming down from the top of the mast. When was the last time you ever used your spare main halyard?” I had to laugh as I could not remember, and Dan’s comment made me reconsider all the extra lines we have on board. Some of them will go bye bye.

What a great time and fantastic opportunity for us. The opportunity of a lifetime to talk one on one with some of the best professional sailors in the world, some very talented sailing publications, and all around great people. These were days we will never forget.

I think it’s Time to Wind down