Winding Down this Amazing Year

We moved on; our plans were to head east to Nonsuch Bay, but on the morning we turned in that direction, large, lingering swells hit us right on the nose, of course. Yes, we could wait a few days, but time was running short. We opted to run downwind and turn the corner up the west coast where we were sheltered by the reefs of Goat Head channel, sailing in flat water inside the reef protected from the big ocean seas. I think what it came down to is we’d had enough trials for the year. Seems the longer we do this, the less willing we are to bash ourselves on purpose, and life is much easier if we just go with the flow.

Reefs off Goathead Channel

Who can complain about sliding through crystal clear flat water in 22 knots of breeze? We made record time on the run north to the Five Islands anchorage. Just 2 ½ hours after hauling anchor in Falmouth, we were lying to our anchor in the big bay that has come to be one of our favorite anchorages in Antigua. Holding is very good; we can tuck in close to the beach if we want, anchor in sand, and be protected from all normal winds; it’s quiet, peaceful, and there is lightning fast internet. Could we want more? Nope.
Safe at Five Islands

Maiden Island

We wound down our 2017 season, a short one to be sure, but a season holding promises for great things next year.

Before we go I have to add a few words to share our heartbreak over all that happened in the islands not long after our departure. Catastrophic Hurricanes Irma and Maria left a trail of total destruction on many of our beloved islands. Barbuda, Sint Maarten, the BVI, Dominica, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico and others were ravaged by these two 185 mph beasts. Our boatman, Disco, lost his grandson to Irma; the young boy was the only person killed on Barbuda when he was swept away by raging flood waters. We cannot imagine the family’s grief. We are doing what we can to help. Please take just a moment to place all these people in your thoughts.

We’ll see you next year.

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