Wander Around Prickly Bay Neighborhood

We’d heard it was an easy walk from the marina over the hill to Hartman Bay, the next bay to the east, so we took off on foot to explore, and to see if the bay was calmer than ours. Apparently we took a wrong turn or three because we never found Mt. Hartman. All we saw was more hills and winding streets, but we had fun wandering. 

Heading up the Hill from the Marina
Heading up the Hill from the Marina

 Grenada is a beautiful island with dazzling vistas at just about every turn. Flowering shrubs cover the hillsides and adorn the yards of nearly every property you encounter. This innate beauty seems to flow right into the heart and soul of the people, no matter their social status. When was the last time you remember someone you didn’t know smiling at you as you walk down a busy sidewalk in a US city? You’d wonder what was wrong with them, right? Here, such a seemingly little gesture is common place. More about this island attitude as we move on.
The Entrance Road to Prickly Bay Marina
The Entrance Road to Prickly Bay Marina

As we sat listening to the cruiser’s net one morning after breakfast, we heard a gentleman advertising “CB’s Historical Tours” – a guided all day tour of the island promising to immerse, entertain, and educate you in the island’s heritage and history, all for $20 a person. We signed up right away. As tour day drew closer, we kept hearing CB try to entice more cruisers to sign up for the tour, and we wondered if he might call off the tour if there weren’t enough takers.
On the morning of our tour, CB arrived right on time. We were his only patrons, and I asked if he wanted to try another day with more people, but he proudly stated ” I honor my obligations, ” and off we went.
St George's Harbor
St George’s Harbor

 Our first stop was right alongside the busy harbor in downtown St. George’s where CB informed us his full name was Clement Baptiste, and we could feel free to ask him any questions at all, about himself, the island, or its history as he would tell the story, including the communist takeover, his part in the government, and the eventual US intervention that freed the island.

We learned that St. George’s is a very busy city indeed with a beautiful new teaching hospital perched right on the edge of the harbor, the beige building with the red tile roofline. Ships load and offload goods all day and night at the commercial wharf in the heart of the city. The island’s primary commodities are fruits, vegetables, and of course, spices, from which the island gains its nickname “The Spice Island.”

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