Wallowing without the Mast

Joy has been pushing for years to solve my mainsail track problems; I struggled mightily each time I raised the mainsail as the slides bound in the track. In spite of several attempts by various sailmakers to solve this problem, 3 in fact, the situation continued to get worse. Joy said “Enough”. We’re here in the right place at the right time; let’s install a mast track system. As I discussed options with Lee, he said “OK, so let me get this straight. When you even look at your mainsail, you want it to jump to the top of the mast, right?” You got it, I said. So, in addition to replacing the standing rigging, we installed a roller bearing Harken Battcar mast track system.

While at the dock we also had FKG straighten the bow pulpit, fabricate a new anchor roller retaining system, and straighten the arms of the anchor roller, all 3 of those items severley damaged by the French boater “Panua”. Of course we had to alter the mainsail to attach the Battcars, and then have a new mainsail cover made as the old one was now too short, of course. Just another day in Paradise.

Rebedding a thru-bolted Deck Hatch

While we waited for the Harken parts to arrive from the USA, we put Ocean Angel back at anchor. She looked somewhat forlorn as she lay with no mast or sails. Passersby probably thought we’d lost our mast. We worked on maintenance items while at anchor, rescued a dragging boat one morning, shopped for goodies, went out to a few lunches and happy hours – just made the best of our time as we waited on the rigging work.

Wallowing Uncomfortably