Vieques, a Forgotten Island

We soon discovered that Esperanza is truly a party town – loud music every night until 2 or 3 AM, just a taste of things to come. We anchored about 1/4 mile from downtown thinking that we would be far enough away for peace and quiet. How wrong! Bring your hottest, loudest, Latin rhythm right to the shore, and party till you drop. Free concerts, what a bonus. Perhaps a small price to pay for Paradise.

Esperanza's Town Dock Just Ahead
Esperanza’s Town Dock Just Ahead

I wandered into town to see if it would be worth Joy’s making the effort to go ashore. I’m the designated advance scout, you see. Esperanza is a cool town, but it is mostly tourist shops and restaurants along the water front, not much else, so Joy chose to stay on the boat while I walked the streets and took a bunch of photos for her to see once I got back aboard. 
Esperanza's water front boardwalk
Esperanza’s water front boardwalk

On a week day, Esperanza’s waterfront street is a quiet slow-moving retreat. Not many cars, just a few strolling locals going about their day to day easy going lifestyle. Kids walking to and from school, then playing baseball or soccer after studies are completed. We’ve become accustomed to the big change from week-days to week-ends, and our preference tends towards the easy going week-days. Every week end is an excuse for a party, and that’s in addition to all the holiday parties. I’d say they party about 30% of the time.
Wreck at Esperanza
Wreck at Esperanza
This wreck washed ashore during some past storm, and as we were to discover, the owners of boats like this one often have no choice but to continue to live aboard, regardless of the boat’s condition. Whoever owned this boat had been living in just this fashion for what appeared to be a very long time, with little or no hope for a change in fortune.

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