Upgrade the Fuel Filtration System

Once back at anchor with clean fuel and a clean tank, it was time to upgrade the fuel filter / water separation system. For years I’ve motored along with just one Racor water separator before the final filter on the engine. Time and again I’d thought of adding a second water separator in parallel with the existing Racor, but I kept putting it off. Once I pulled the clogged Racor apart, there was no doubt in my mind that the time had arrived for a dual system to prevent a recurrence.

Algae clogged the Racor

Cleaning and reassembling the primary Racor water separator was a straightforward process; selecting and adding a second Racor system required much more thought. Space in our engine room is very limited, and I just didn’t have room for a second massive water separator. But, I realized that I would only need to run the engine on the #2 system for a relatively short period of time. Really, just long enough to change out the primary filter cartridge, so I didn’t need a system that could run for 200 hours. I chose a smaller Racor, one with a self contained spin-on separator cartridge.

Nice new Hardware

I added shut off vavles, T-s, and all new hose, and we were back up and running with a new margin of safety should a similar fuel starvation situation occur, as it is bound to do.

I tackled a number of other repairs / upgrades, and found one surprising point of wear – my flag halyard snap shackles. Barely two years old.

Almost worn Thru

We Deserve A Break