Turning Point for 2018

Bequia ended up being our southernmost stop for 2018. We’d hoped to continue on down to the Tobago Cays while the chaps were on the table, but extremely strong winds kept us pinned in harbor. Sure, we could have braved the elements, but I’d really had enough of difficulties this year, and I did not want to add a heavy beat to windward to our list of accomplishments. As it turned out, we faced plenty of violent weather on our journey back to Antigua, weather that did not come close to matching the predicted gradient wind or seas. Every cruiser we talked with about weather conditions voiced the same complaints – planning for passages was all but impossible.

View from the South Shore

We usually anchor on the north side of Admiralty Bay, but this year we decided to try the south side for a change of pace. The opposite shore provided a change of scenery, and it moved us away from all the barking dogs that roam the streets day and night on the north shore.

While the south shore places you away from the barking dogs, it has enough of a fetch in a northerly wind that the water can become quite rough with a significant roll. It wasn’t long before we moved back over to the north side to get out of the roll, have a shorter, drier run to town, and of course, enjoy the dog chorus – not.

Forge On