Three Day Interlude

While docked at Rodney Bay Marina, one day a 50 something foot Swedish boat backed into the slip across from us, and as I looked up, I immediately noticed the top third of the yacht’s mast was broken off and was hanging amidst tangled rigging wire and halyards. The trades had been blowing quite hard, 25 to 30 most days, and clearly, this had not been one of Atraxia’s better sailing days.

Atraxia,  Minus her Mast
Atraxia, Minus her Mast

I wandered over when things calmed down a bit and introduced myself to Captain Ron (not the one from the movie)and chatted with him about the mishap. The mast was wooden, and apparently there had been a weak spot in the wood at one of the uppermost rigging tangs; a huge gust combined with a hard wave had caused the mast to fail, and the top section snapped off. Ron is a very experienced sailor, having sailed around the world and captained many yachts. His calm demeanor rallied the crew to action to save the boat and secure the remains of the mast. We crossed paths with Atraxia several times over the season as they worked their way up to St. Martin to have the mast replaced.

After Jane departed, we wondered what we were thinking. Entertaining two sets of guests with only three days between the visits? Yes, we had to be nuts; laundry, shopping, propane refills, fuel for the big boat, and to add to the adventure, one last evening with Escalope before they departed the marina and left us behind. Escalope was to depart the day after Jane left as they planned to sail up through the chain of islands to Puerto Rico, then back to Norway, all in one year from Norway to the Caribbean, then back to Norway. What a year of adventure.

Two Great Friends
Two Great Friends

Scott and Brenda Ferris arrived on the third day, decked out in their new crew shirts and ready for adventure!

We Catch a Break in the Weather