The Parade of Bands

How would you like to parade all day like this?

And here below you have the winning costume from the Kings competition, a member of Brian Mac Farlane’s band, “Joy, the finale”. This king was our favorite, and I took time to get down on the street right up close for many photos. The crowd just loved “The Joy of Love and Friendship” , portrayed by Gerard Weekes

We were exhausted after spending the entire day at the parade, 6 AM to 5 PM, and we had been sitting in the shade and breeze sipping drinks. Just imagine the performers who had danced all day and continued long into the night. Trinidad all but shuts down for Carnival, and for this final event, latecomers are forced to park their cars up to two miles away to walk to the parade grounds and Queens Park Savannah. Streets are jammed with locals and tourists alike here to take part in this last day of Carnival. This year, because the bands were so numerous and so large, there were two parade routes with multiple judging stations. The final judging was done on the stage at Queens Park Savannah.

Carnival is an event of a lifetime, and if you ever have a chance to spend two or three weeks here in Trinidad to participate in Carnival just one time, you will never regret making the trip.

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