The Kiddie Carnival and Kings and Queens Semi-Finals

Kids of all ages, beginning at age 2 to 3, take part in the Kiddie Carnival. Every child is in costume, and the older children perform to the music of the ages.

Kids of all Ages
Kids of all Ages

 Here’s one of our favorites, a huge caterpillar, twisting and dancing to the rhythm of their songs. After just a short time we knew the music and the words, and we found it impossible not to hum and sway with the crowds. The music just picks you up and carries you along. It’s light and happy, just like the Trini’s dispositions. Earthworm010

The kids performed in different age groups, and as the children became older, the costumes and dances became more ornate and involved, a taste of things to come FancyCostumes013

What can we say about the Kings and Queens? Their costumes are staggering, and preparations for Carnival begin a year in advance. This year’s largest costume was 40 feet tall and 32 feet across weighing hundreds of pounds. Queen_145

Notice that the performers cannot carry these huge costumes which are nothing more than small floats the performers tug and swing over the huge stage. We most enjoyed the smaller costumes worn by the performers who could sway and dance to the music of their choosing. Unfortunately for us, their dancing was so vivacious that photos were impossible. Queen_161

The Semi-finals and Finals are conducted at night at Queen’s Park Savannah, on a huge stage erected and disassembled each year just for Carnival. Daytime is simply way too hot for the performers to be able to wear the costumes and carry out their performances.

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