The Hull and Keel

The First 42 hull is ruggedly constructed solid fiberglass . When we bought the boat we stripped the bottom completely to the gel coat then installed an epoxy primer coat before Micron 66 antifouling paint was applied. This protection seems to have worked well as we have only experienced minor blisters in the last couple of years. Those blisters were easily repaired and have not recurred. Histor1
These massive full width frames are spaced about every 2 feet all the way from nearly the bow to stern. The shorter sections support the saloon table. The yacht has stringers glassed at the ends of the frames above the waterline and also at approximately the waterline, running bow to stern. The photo above shows the old keel bolts coming out and the new ones installed below. Histor2
The keel is Beneteau’s standard cast iron shoal draft version with a planned draft of 6′ 3″. With full cruising payload I believe the draft is closer to 6’6″ because with the yacht resting on 6 inch blocks, I cannot touch the waterline, and my reach is 7 feet. Admittedly, that’s an approximation. In the above photo you can also see the mast step, a cast aluminum fitting that I removed, treated, painted and reinstalled, and the new keel bolts from Beneteau which are Dacromatised Steel bolts Type 8-8 and washers. They are coated with Petit Rust Loc epoxy primer. CleanandRead
The quality of the gel coat is quite good. After 28 years, with a good waxing, Ocean Angel looks like new, and truthfully, many cruisers are shocked when they hear how old she is.

All New Graphics in 2014
All New Graphics in 2014

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