Take in The Baths

As this was Scott and Brenda’s first visit to the BVI, we wanted to show them as much of the area as possible, so we headed off early to explore the Baths, that amazing geological formation of gigantic boulders which make up the park. We arrived at the mooring field by 09:00 and found every mooring already taken. Hard to believe in that one is not supposed to stay overnight on those moorings. We had to motor a ways north to exit the mooring area to find a place to anchor. Not a really big deal, and soon after anchoring, we climbed into the dinghy for a run back to the Baths Park area. As I pulled the starter cord to fire up the outboard, an unholy racket ensued, but quickly disappeared, and the engine kept running. Off we went to explore.

Other than having to deal with the unappreciative masses of tourists, the Baths never lose their attraction. I think Scott and Brenda agreed as we tried to explore each and every cave and pool we could find.

When we were done and swam back out to the dinghy, I pulled on the starter cord and, whee – nothing. No connection to the engine. The outboard would not start. And my oars were back on the big boat. Oh boy! Lucky for us, the Park Rangers motored by in the high powered chase boat, and offered to assist. Where are your paddles, they asked. Sheepishly I admitted I’d forgotten them on the mother ship. Ah well, all’s well that ends well, right?