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If you look to the right, you see the southwest corner of Bloody Bay, not quite such a friendly, serene view. Just a few weeks earlier several yachts had been anchored in bays on the northeast shores of Tobago when the NWS Offshore Forecast predicted strong NE winds with a large northeast swell and seas approaching 9 feet. The yachts remained at anchor presumably not wanting to venture out into the increasing wind and waves. As the waves continued rolling into the bay, the surface swells caused the waves to become steep breaking monsters crashing onto the shore. Nine vessels were damaged, five totally destroyed. You can find a You Tube video showing one yacht being carried like a toy smashing onto the rocks. That scene was heart wrenching.

Bloody Bay's Southwestern Shoreline
Bloody Bay’s Southwestern Shoreline

Milton told us the local officials quickly removed all the damaged boats and cleaned the bay of all signs of the destruction. Why those yachties stayed in the face of impending disaster amazed all of us.

We continued our Tobago tour and stopped for lunch at Sharon and Phebs Restaurant which is owned by Milton’s sister. One of the lunch side dishes was a delicious breadfruit casserole that none of us had ever had, but everyone loved. After lunch we drove down the southern shore where we found a couple of bays that might serve as anchorages in favorable conditions, but I would never consider any bay on Tobago if we needed shelter from a storm. There are times when, in spite of difficult conditions, you must move on or find safe shelter. It is far safer to be uncomfortable at sea for a few hours rather than risk your boat and your life.

Tyrell's Bay and Bateaux Bay
Tyrell’s Bay and Bateaux Bay

Our last stop for the day was at Fort King George which has stood guard over the capitol city of Scarborough for many years. Today the fort is a historic park attracting many visitors each year to learn a few pieces of Tobago’s history. In the photo to the right Milton is pointing out a few of the island’s landmarks to John, Genie, and Gary.

Looking out from Fort King George
Looking out from Fort King George

What most impressed us about Tobago is the cleanliness; everywhere we went we found the streets, homes, yards and countryside to be spotlessly clean in stark contrast to Trinidad. People here are very conscious of the fragile nature of their small island, and they take great pride in keeping their homeland beautiful. Our three days on Tobago was a breath of fresh air.

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