Stopover in Guadeloupe

The only real downside to the glut of boats in Les Saintes was the crowds. The Saintes are tiny; this year, due to Maria’s devastation to the Virgin Islands and St. Martin there were many more tourists in addition to the boats, and there was not a lot of space to share. We spent most of our days on the boat finally getting into the swing of things. Weeks of toil and trouble gave way to balmy days, quiet nights, and fresh air. Almost Heaven.

But as we all know, the weather is anything but static. One morning the weather forecast showed very strong winds on the way, this time howling from the northwest. With this forecast of strong winds came a dire warning from all the meteorology sources predicting an extremely dangerous northwest swell and surge with seas to 17 feet. This surge and wave action would make the Saintes extremely vulnerable and more than just a little uncomfortable – potentially dangerous. For me, our choice was simple; a quick backtrack north to the big shipping harbor at Point a Pitre where we would be protected from any dangerous northerly swell.

Sailing Cruise Ship Flees the Saintes

Ten days in Guadeloupe flew by, the first five thankful for the safe harbor, and the last five just having a good time.

Our Fist Night at Pointe a Pitre

While engaged in our heavy boat projects back at Jolly, we met another cruising couple, Bill and Cathy, as they were preparing DreamMaker for their cruising season. We got along quite well and spent a bit of time together sheltering from the wind and waves in Guadeloupe.

Pointe a Pitre’s New Cruise Ship Terminal

Bill and Cathy had left Antigua before us and sailed down to Dominica for “Yachtie Appreciation Week”, a week of beach parties, BBQ’s, social events, and just plain fun. We’d hoped to make it down for that event, but our repairs, and then the weather combined to delay our departure.

Bill and Cathy on Dreammaker

As cruisers do, we helped each other with a small projects. Bill helped me with some adjustments to the mainsail, and I took a look at an electrical problem on their boat. Somewhere in there we managed to spend a couple happy hours together enjoying the peace and quiet.

Help for Dominica