Showcase Puerto Rico

We spent the next morning driving and climbing on El Yunque; we’d started the day at a balmy 87 degrees on the water, nearly froze in the 55 degree wind and rain at the top of the mountain, then back down to what seemed a steamy 88 degrees for lunch on the water at Loquillo BBQ, one of the strip lunch spots on Loquillo Beach. We had a blast there with music and friendly people.

Many Water Falls on El Yunque







That evening we drove out to the north eastern end of the island, then back to Las Ola, a waterfront restaurant just around the corner from our marina where we spent a great evening laughing, eating, and catching up. Whenever we get together it seems like we just left each other; friends of 40 years tend to grow on you!

A Favorite
Especially with Friends

Neptune was shining on us with benign winds, and the next morning we left the marina and headed off to Culebra, a short 30-mile jump to windward where we anchored in the calm harbor for the evening. I gave our guests options – (1) spend a few days in Culebra, or (2) take advantage of the mild winds to work our way east to the British Virgin Islands where we could suffer for the next 10 days. Tongue in cheek here, as time in the BVI is always a treat, as long as you avoid “captain credit card”, the charter boaters.