See the Classics

The following day we planned an afternoon wandering the docks at the Antigua Yacht Club for close up views of the yachts participating in the 2014 Classics Yacht Regatta. If I recall correctly, about 60 yachts from all over the world participated in this event; yachts from Europe, the UK, the USA, the EC and many others were moored to the docks for all to admire.

Rather than show individual photos I’ve included a collage of just a few of these amazing yachts. You can click once on any photo to bring it up, then again to enlarge it.

Perhaps one of the most stunning yachts was the J Boat replica, Rainbow JH2, at 39.95 meters. This boat hails from the J Boat era of the 1930’s when the America’s Cup was contested in these giant yachts built to the J Boat rule. Rainbow is currently for sale for approximately US $19,000,000.00. For more detail on the yacht you can see her at this link

You’ll see her again soon sailing in the 2014 Classic Yacht Regatta.

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