Resources for Our Boat

On this page and any following, we’re going to provide links to many of our favorite sources for Gear, Information, Cruising Guides, and such. Hopefully, you’ll find this page useful.

Boat Gear – Amazon carries an array of parts that grows larger every year

Defender Marine — carries a wide array of gear at fair prices. Customer Service is second to none.

Budget Marine — in the Caribbean with several locations

Island Water World — has several locations on the Caribbean.

Marine Warehouse — provides duty free importation of anything boat related

Electronics, Communication, and Computer Equipment (all the above plus)

Milltech Marine — these folks supplied our Vesper AIS and have been extremely helpful

Sea Tech — supplies our satellite equipment

Island Time PC — supplies our Wi-Fi equipment. A good source for 12 volt computers


Alternative Energy — John and Libby Gambill are the nicest people in the world. They have supplied our solar and wind equipment.

Lifeline Batteries — The Solar Buz has supplied our Lifeline batteries for the last 10 years.

Electrical Calculations — resource for electrical issues

Critical Resources

Seven Seas Cruising Association — this organization is an essential lifeline for the cruising sailor. You should join SSCA.

A List of Resources — I’ve located various resources many times with this source.

Mechanical Resources

Perkins Parts — TransAtlantic Diesel can supply many OEM Perkins parts

Perkins Filters — Rohrigs low prices for Perkins filters etc.

Pumps — Depco has just about any pump you might need

Cruising Guides and Charts

Explorer Charts — the best charts for the Bahamas, bar none

Bellingham Charts — my major source for paper charts

C Map — a major source for electronic charts, very accurate ENC’s.

Free Cruising Guides — these free guides by Frank Virgintino cover all the Caribbean

We have links to many more resources, and you can always contact us for suggestions or help. We love to share our experience and information with other cruisers.