Renew the Interior

Living and sailing on any boat full-time is a great way of life, but as I’ve said before, it’s not all fun and games. Along with all the pleasure comes a lot of wear and tear on all the systems and components. Our approach to maintenance and upgrades is to try to stay ahead of the curve; anticipate problems, schedule regular maintenance, improve and upgrade as you go from day to day.

So, with that in mind we scheduled a major renovation of the interior for 2013 having contractors complete some of the work, and me both supervising and completing many of the projects myself. I devoted the month of October to living on the boat in Trinidad while on the hard. One of the biggest projects was replacement of the saloon and galley cabin floors. You might remember the damage to the floor, cabinets, and bulkheads caused by a careless plumber in Trinidad. Here’s a photo of the damage below. You can see the water stains and de-lamination of the bulkheads, but you can’t see the underside of the floor boards, all coming apart.

Damaged Cabin Floor - Note the Bulkhead
Damaged Cabin Floor – Note the Bulkhead

Removal of the floor boards was the first priority, and with that first step in the project completed, I had a boat with no cabin floor to live in for the balance of the month. Are you having fun now?

Where's the Floor?
Where’s the Floor?
Floor Fastener Custom Tool
Floor Fastener Custom Tool

One of my projects was replacement of the floor attachment system as the original frame inserts were corroding, and I could not firmly screw the floors down. After much searching I found a stainless steel floor insert called an Easy Loc fastener that was very easy to install and very durable. I had to come up with a special tool which I assembled from tools on hand to thread the inserts into the frames adjacent to the bulkheads. When that project was completed, we had a new floor, sealed in epoxy on the edges, and finished to a soft luster with 8 coats of satin varnish.

Beautiful New Cabin Sole
Beautiful New Cabin Sole

Major Interior Changes