Prepare to Leave Trinidad

We flew back to Trinidad on January 5th, 2015, with our final destination for the year as yet undecided. You might remember that we’d hired a different boat caretaker, Tony Joseph, because of two years of unpleasant experiences with our first man. Tony had assured me he would be different; he’d take good care of our Angel. Every time I called he told me not to worry; everything was fine with the boat.

Well, when I climbed onto the boat and opened the companionway, I was once again met with the sight and smell of mold and mildew. I’d paid Tony in advance to check the boat monthly, air her out, check for leaks or problems. I walked to Peake’s office to inquire whether Tony had ever signed out the key to enter the boat – only once within the last two weeks (too late). I was fuming, to say the least. After discussing this development with Joy later that day, our minds were made up. For this and many other reasons, we would not be returning to Trinidad at the end of the season.

So, we prepared to leave our friends and 4 year home behind. In many ways we were saddened; but, on the brighter side, we’d be moving on to a new home and new adventures. There is so much to see and do in the Eastern Caribbean that we can never be truly unhappy, no matter what obstacles we encounter.

Departing Chaguaramas
Departing Chaguaramas

So, after three weeks of making ready – repairing our freezer (low on refrigerant), installing a new Vesper AIS, repairing our freezer again (a dead fan), and so on, we picked a good weather window, cleared out, and said farewell to Fast Fred and Donna on Liberty, Heather and Don on Asseance, Jim and Pat on Mirus, who were off to look at a newer boat, Jesse and Sharon Rose James,and many others. With our boat buddies Gary and Patti nearby, we slipped the lines and left Crews Inn and Chaguaramus, Trinidad behind. As we left the harbor we noticed two tug boats rafted, and one’s name caught our attention

Must be our daughter's  tug
Must be our daughter’s tug

We could smile as we left Trinidad.

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