Over the Mountains

The next day Joy and I took the “scenic route” along the southern coast on a trip to Ponce; we wanted to tour the historical city and make a quick trip to Home Depot while there. After climbing over the mountains, through the river, and around the woods, we finally made it to Ponce, 3 plus hours after leaving Fajardo.

By the time we had lunch, visited Home Depot and drove to our first museum, it was time to head home. Lesson learned – stick to the freeways to make any kind of time on the road. We fought with rush hour traffic all the way back to the eastern shore highway, and wandered down the dock and onto the boat just as it was turning dark. It had been a really long day of driving, and I was exhausted.

A couple days later our garbage rental car groaned and vibrated its way to the airport to retrieve Scott and Brenda; from there we drove to Old San Juan where we visited a number of historical sites including the huge El Morro fort.

Scott and Brenda at El Morro
Keg Room
They Live Here Too!
Puerto Rico Treacherous Northern Shoreline








We wandered a few of the side streets in search of the perfect spot for a late lunch/early dinner, and we ended up at La Barrachina, home of the original Pina Colada; Joy was in heaven!

La Barrachina, Home of the Pina Colada
Oh Yeah, Good Stuff
A Really Cool Restaurant