Interior Changes

Often we talk about what we have done to make the boat safer, easier to sail, stronger, better all around, but we forget to mention the interior improvements. Ocean Angel is our home; we don’t go camping; we don’t rough it. We love our cruising life, and we’ve made our cabin a place of comfort and calm;. it is pleasing to our eyes; it is easy to maneuver in any weather, and it meets all our needs. Joy and I have spent a lot of time, effort, and money to make our home a pleasant place to live. You should do the same with yours.

Angel037 Here’s an overall view of our home above and New Forward Cabin Cabinets Below


In the forward cabin above, our normal berth, we added cabinets on either side in place of the original open shelves. We’re able to stow more clothes, keep them better organized, and they stay in place when the boat heels. Joy added personal touches that prove useful as well as decorative.


Everyone spends a lot of time in the galley, and it is vitally important that the galley work well, and be a safe place to work. We added the knife block shown above, and I can’t begin to tell you just how useful this simple little item has been; every knife securely in its place. The ceramic tile splash is easy to clean, reflects the heat, and it’s attractive. It has been there for 11 years now and has endured some pretty amazing rides. Near the overhead is one of eight (8) Hella Turbo fans; they are reasonably quiet, provide lots of air movement, and only draw .3 amps. Notice the sturdy stainless grab rail in front of the stove – an essential item for offshore galley work.
We added Positive Latches for All Cabinet Doors

In the upper right above is one of our Alpenglow lamps; it really lights up the galley so we can see what we are doing. These lamps have a low/ high power switch as well as a switch for red night lighting. You’ll notice the positive cabinet door latches in addition to the factory finger hole catches. Those hidden catches work nice at the dock, but not offshore when the boat is working hard. After having all our dishes spill out one time, I added the positive latches. Look closely and you’ll notice teak inlays on the freezer and frig lids. I added those not just for looks, but to allow for positive locking latches on both lids. Food stays where it belongs.

New Galley
New Galley

Here are two small do-dads that make the galley work better, a fitted cutting board and a glass/cup holder. We added the glass holder after tiring of trying to hang on, fill a cup, then trying to fill a second cup while the first one danced on the counter. You will also notice our new stone counter top which I installed with our interior refit of October 2013. I’ll add another page soon showing the interior refit, a major undertaking.

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