Electrical Systems

I should briefly mention our 12-volt electrical system. At the heart of any DC system is the batteries. For years I used Trojan T-105 6 volt golf cart batteries wired in series. They worked well on this boat and my last one also, but as they age, flooded cell batteries such as the Trojans use more and more water to replenish the electrolyte. Maintaining the electrolyte level is an absolute necessity as failure to do so is sure death for a flooded cell battery. I switched to Lifeline AGM batteries, 6 volt batteries wired in series, and at age 8 years, we upgraded to larger Lifeline batteries with a total of 600 amp hours capacity. The AGM batteries accept a charge much more rapidly, operate at a slightly higher voltage, and they hold the charge longer than flooded cell batteries. Here’s a snap showing one pair firmly bolted in place with shielding on all terminals. Lifelinestbd44
I replaced the standard Motorola alternator with a Balmar 9 Series 100 amp alternator coupled to a Max Charge MC 612 regulator. The alternator is very rugged, but the regulator has its quirks. The current regulator is the third in 10 years – not a strong recommendation for the regulator.
Our navigation lights are Aquasignal Series 41 fixtures with LED bulbs that use very little electricity and are cool to the touch. Each LED bulb uses point 2 amps per hour; that’s about 2 amps on a 10 hour night compared to 20 amps with the original Aqua Signal 25 watt bulbs that cost almost as much as the LED’s. I installed Alpenglow cabin lamps, and these have been worth the money. They give out a lot of light; they are attractive, and they are efficient. We also added (8) Hella Turbo fans, four in the main cabin, one in each head, and one apiece in the forward and aft cabins. When our AC died in Guatemala and the cabin temperature climbed to 93 degrees, these fans were a lifesaver.
After the 2008 lightning strike, nothing in engine panel worked except the fuel gauge. We discovered melted wiring, burnt devices, and an ever expanding list of problems. How would you like to sort out what was wrong with this panel below? Enginepanel After the lightning repairs were finished, we had a new engine panel complete with rubber gaskets and locks. New_Panel

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