On to Montserrat

As with all things cruising, the good times pass, and we readied the boat to head south. We planned a short overnight stay in St Bart’s at Columbier, then on south to St. Kitt’s for a visit to Port Zante Marina in Basseterre. Our stay in St. Kitts in 2012 had been a wonderful experience, but something about the island has changed. People were not friendly; in fact, some were downright nasty to us. This attitude was a dramatic shift, so much so that we’ve vowed to bypass this island in the future until we hear news of a return to the good times. Sad, and very disappointing.

After a one night stay at the pleasant, tranquil anchorage at White House Bay, a small road-stead near the southern end of the island, we headed south for a planned stopover at Plymouth, Montserrat. This leg of the journey was hard on the wind at close to 30 knots apparent; those conditions made for a very long day.

We’d not been able to visit the island in past years for one reason or another, but this year we had time, and it looked as if the weather might allow a comfortable stay. Though the photos above depict an idyllic remote anchorage, reality is not so. We found both anchorages incredibly rolly and uncomfortable, so we rose very early the next morning. Every boat in the anchorage moved north with us and headed towards Antigua, our final destination and homebase for the summer season.