Last Days of 2016

Our last two weeks included a week long stay in Falmouth Harbor where we met Steve and Jan from Caribe for lunch one day, then on to Nonsuch Bay for a delightful stay on one of the free moorings at the very head of the pack, right next to reef. While on the mooring one day I was on the bow checking the lines when wham, we were hit by a Kite Surfer. The kite and its lines were all tangled around our mast and rigging. No damage to us, but the kite sailing school was pretty upset that one of their students had slammed into our boat.

Here we are below exploring English Harbor

As we began to exit Nonsuch Bay through the tight reef passage – blink – my plotter quit. Well, guess the plotter wasn’t much use through the reefs anyways. Once in open water though, I got my back up system on line for the run back to Falmouth where we needed to visit Watermaker Services.

And here, Anchored in Falmouth Harbor and Visiting the Antigua Yacht Club

Oh, right, our watermaker had sprung a leak, and needed to be repaired. Long story short here, our 6 year old Spectra Watermaker needed to be rebuilt because in the process of replacing defective O- Rings, those defective O-Rings being the subject of a free recall in earlier years, threads in the main pressure block stripped. The local company could not carry out that repair so the darn thing had to be shipped to the manufacturer in California. Oh well, Lifetime Warranty on the Clark Pump, right? Not so; Spectra’s lifetime warranty is a load of you know what. Not worth the paper it is written on. Repairs due to manufacturer’s defects cost me $1200.00.

Disassemble the Water Maker

So, we’d had a year of big expenses and lots of annoyances. I was ready to pack it up to fly on home. Regroup; come back fresh and hope for a better year in 2017, at least expense-wise. We’d had a lot of fun though; spent time with many friends, discovered some new islands, visited a few favorite places. Can we really ask for anything more? See you next year.

Time to Head Home