Just Unwinding

Leaving the restaurant we took a driving trip thru Christiansted since most tourist spots places were closed mid-week. Our visit in the capital was brief. On the way back to the boat, we found a local market with an outstanding selection of great products, both fresh and packaged; so we chose a tasty variety of goods then found our way home.

All the staff at Green Cay were incredibly helpful. One day while I was at the office to ask a few questions, who should walk in but a FedEx driver with deliveries from Amazon. Steve told me that you could get anything you needed in just a couple days from Amazon.com and that information is something cruisers can surely use. What a great way to obtain many parts for your boat.

Another Look at the Entrance

The Beach at Green Cay

Do we Have to Leave?

We spent a good amount of time just kicking back, wandering the property, relaxing by the pool, visiting the resort’s local restaurant. The last few weeks had been jammed with work on the boat and we’d incurred considerably more expense than planned. It was really good to unwind, make some new friends, and enjoy the good life. That’s what we’re here to do after all.