Joy and I in the BVI

After our chores, we decided to wander the BVI for a bit; we’d never been to Cane Garden Bay, reputed to be one of the most idyllic anchorages in all the Caribbean, so that was to be our first stop. Well, I certainly would not use that adjective to describe this spot, not with all the charter boats and tourists flitting about in all manner of watercraft. Beautiful, yes, but crowded and very busy.

Anchored in Cane Garden Bay

Lots of Charter Boats Here

We holed up for several days waiting for the winds to ease a bit; 25 to 30 knots can be hard on the boat and the body, so we laid back as we tackled a few minor maintenance chores; There’s always plenty to keep us busy. After 3 days, there was a slight lull, only 20 knots with a chance of “isolated showers”. We headed off around the western end of Tortola pointing towards Great Harbor on Peter Island, pointing, as in tacking up the channel into 30 knots apparent, then blasting through a fanatical downpour for the last hour or so. I guess we found the isolated shower.

Gliding Down to West End

Crossing Behind a Large Square Rigger in the Squall

After spending a day at Great Harbor, we sailed back to North Sound anchoring in Leverick Bay.

Tacking with the Mega Yachts in Sir Francis Drake Channel