Head Northwest to Puerto Rico

Time flew by and soon our weather opened up for a jaunt over to Culebra, then on to Fajardo, Puerto Rico where we’d made reservations at Sun Bay Marina, one of our most favorite marinas in the Caribbean. When I called and asked for Olga, the owner, she was ecstatic that I remembered (with a little help from Joy)

Sun Bay Marina with Isletta in the Background

You might recall that Puerto Rico is one of the best places to provision down island. Prices are equal to or less than mainland USA, plus the selection and variety is every bit as good and in many cases, such as fresh produce, far better. We shopped at Sams Wholesale, Ralph’s Grocery, and the massive Econo store. We found all these stores except Sams, close to the marina. Sams, of course, was still the most amazing clean wholesale store we’ve ever seen. Ralph’s has a huge assortment of mainland USA goods, and Econo, well, they have everything.

This time we rented a car from World Car Rental for all our excursions. Let me say this; DO NOT ever make the mistake of renting from these people; their cars are junk, and the staff is totally misleading as to what they will eventually charge you. Their rate for a junker, one where the AC did not work, the passenger door would not open from inside, and the front end about shook you out of your seat, was double what they quoted, and double what I would have paid at Enterprise Car Rental for a brand new car. I will never rent from these people again. Nor should you.

Joy, Sam, and Steve

After shopping one day, we got home to the boat, Joy checked her email, and she discovered that long time friends of the family, the next thing to being family, were right in the town next to us on vacation. Shari Landry and her daughter Sammie, were vacationing in a condo just 7 miles away. We made arrangements for dinner on the boat, and we had a delightful dinner and evening with them. Joy had babysat Shari many years ago, let’s see, something like 50 years ago. Now that really make us sound old, doesn’t it?