Good Times

We moved on to North Sound where we spent a couple days on a BEYC mooring, working hard to find one close to shore since the outboard’s demise forced Capt’n Steve to row the crew back and forth. The starter recoil mechanism had exploded into several small pieces, and that explosion was the source of the noise we’d heard earlier in the day. As always though, we had a great time at the BEYC; the lack of the outboard was no hindrance to having a good time!

We sailed down the Sir Francis Drake channel to Village Cay Marina on the 24th to wind down Scott and Brenda’s visit, and there we enjoyed a great dinner out that evening. In the morning our great friends were off on the Fast Ferry to catch a flight home out of St. Thomas.

Joy and I now had the usual chores, laundry, fueling the boat, clean up, and so on. I was fortunate to find the exact part I needed for the outboard motor at the Golden Hind Chandlery; this facility, located next to the Mooring’s charter base, is an excellent source for all things pleasure marine. The best thing about finding the part was the price; it was only $10 more than the best price I could find on the internet, and no tax or shipping.