Exploring St. Kitts

Port Zante is the only commercial shipping port for St Kitts, and as such, the harbor is always busy. Freighters, tankers, ferries, cruise ships, fishing trawlers, and all manner of commercial craft make port in this harbor. While Joy was anxiously waiting for me to return, the mammoth cruise ship churned astern to depart. Joy said that even though the ship was hardly moving and the water surface appeared calm, the water motion became so bad from the prop wash that she had to hold on to avoid being tossed about the cockpit. 
 By the time I cleared Customs and Immigration, the marina office was closed; we were refused dockage. So we moved for the night to anchor off the Navy dock at the far end of the harbor. Not far from us a huge tanker was moored bow, stern, port and starboard, so she could pump all her fuel through a floating pipeline to massive tanks ashore. While the water was somewhat calmer at this end of the harbor, future cruisers take note, I will say without any hesitation that Port Zante is far and away the rolliest, roughest harbor we have ever encountered.

Miserable Anchorage at Port Zante
Miserable Anchorage at Port Zante

Thankfully, developers of the Port Zante Cruise Ship Port were forward thinking enough to include a small pleasure boat marina as part of the total package. Once docked, all our dealings were with Charlie, the Assistant Dockmaster. He told me there was no reason for us to have anchored outside either to clear Customs or for the prior night. It was easy to read between the words. 
Port Zante Yacht Marina
Port Zante Yacht Marina

 Inside the marina breakwaters, it is calm as a mill pond, yet the ever present winds still cool the boat. There is no need for the air conditioner. Plus, dockage rates are entirely reasonable; $120.00 for five days including water and electricity. We were able to carry out a number of small repairs that required a rigid dock, smooth water, and 110 volt unlimited shore power. With a stable dock and a saw horse close by, I was able to pull the carburetor off the outboard to clean it and make adjustments to it. Though it runs better, I expect I still may have to install a rebuild kit to cure all its ills.
The Port Zante complex encompasses the cruise ship port which can handle several ships at a time. An obligatory part of any port is all the stores, shops, restaurants, bars, and local vendors you might expect. Joy always looks for a soft all cotton throw in each country we visit. Something with colors to compliment Ocean Angel’s interior while at the same time portraying a bit of the county’s flavor. We found one, and sooner or later, you’ll spy it in one of our interior photos.
Sipping cool drinks at Fat Tuesday's
Sipping cool drinks at Fat Tuesday’s

After wandering the local vendor’s booths, Joy and I sat at an outdoor Fat Tuesday’s Bar and Grill to enjoy a couple frosty refreshing drinks in the middle of a very hot afternoon. She immediately made friends with two of the servers with her scooter being a big hit. Off to the left you can see just how new this complex is with a few stores still undergoing the finishing touches.

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