Explore Martinique’s Southern Shores

From Trois Riviere Distillery we continued on to Grand Anse D’Arlet, a small town on the southwest corner of the island where we magically managed to find the one parking spot left near the beachfront restaurants and shops. As usual, I lifted Joy’s scooter out of the trunk and began assembling it. When I reached to turn the key, nothing was there. I spied the fob on the ground, but when I picked it up, the key blade was gone, broken off at the fob. I realized that somehow I’d managed to lift the handlebars at just the right / wrong angle and sheared off the key. No key – no power. Uh oh, no spare key with us. Joy and I had a little “discussion” about how I could be so stupid as to break the key, and what were we going to do now? Drive home, Joy said. No siree, there would be none of that. We’d walk and find a restaurant we liked. Right on the beach with the breeze refreshing us. Cool, Huh?

Fishing Boats on the Beach
Fishing Boats on the Beach

We slowly ambled past several beach front cafes until we found one where we liked both the menu and the feel of the place with several others already seated for lunch. That’s always a good sign, right? We found a table under a swaying palm tree right on the water’s edge, and settled in for lunch. Again we soon realized we were the only non-French speaking patrons, but that didn’t matter. Our server gave us all the time we needed to sort through the menu, and she came to offer help whenever we seemed to be struggling in the least. How can you not love these people? We felt right at home.

Fishing Nets  Drying
Fishing Nets Drying

There’s no rushing the lunch experience in a French restaurant. If you’re in a hurry, go to the golden arches; they have those here too. Lunch is a time to relax, enjoy conversation, laugh, have a nice meal and a glass of wine or two. Sooner or later you’ll get the bill, but you’ll likely have to ask for it. No one wants to pressure you to move on. So nice.

Lunch on the Beach at Grand Anse D'Arlet
Lunch on the Beach at Grand Anse D’Arlet

As I later backed out of our tight parking spot, I bumped into a small metal chair with a pot of flowers perched on it. Oops! Flowers on the ground and a small paint scuff on the bumper of our shiny new rental car. Just not my day.

Off to the North End