June 13th – July 3rd (Mayo Hospital)

PVT Confirmed. Liver Cirrhosis (negative). All Cancer tests and biopsies:  NEGATIVE. Still has regular Ascites and needs Paracentesis. Major pain in lateral Colon area and down right side. Pain meds to help with pain. Significant constipation even with Miralax, Stool Softener, Enema’s, etc. Feeding tube installed because of mal-nutrition and very little food by mouth for weeks (because of abdominal pain, pain from ascites pressure, and NPO from procedure prep). Significant constipation and fecal mass from CT, Colonoscopy ordered.  Also to inspect “band” across abdomen (lateral Colon). Swelling of Lateral Colon with recent Colonoscopy. No further surgery because of Ascites and risk of extended or difficult recovery. Feeding tube removed and NG tube installed to reduce gas and fluid buildup from abdomen. Significantly less pain with no eating (but also no nutrition going in), and because NG tube helping reduce some pressure. Infectious Disease visited and is running myriad of tests for parasites and fungus from travel, lifestyle, and upbringing. Believe Parasite meds will be given for suspected parasite. IV Nutrition starting evening of 7/3. Proposed high dose steroids to help with inflammation and potentially help with abdominal mass that “seems” to be causing swelling of colon and could help with auto-immune IGG4 and similar illness (like Pancreatitis) that could improve condition. Non-Cancerous mass (all biopsies negative) said to be growing and also adjacent to lateral colon and other areas of inflammation (Colon, pancreas, portal vein, celiac area).  Still trying to figure out what that is.  Looks like bloody fiberous material (but not cancer).