Classic Yacht Regatta 2017

After clearing into Jolly Harbor, picking up a few things at the grocery, and cleaning the boat, (actually the hard rains did most of the work), we set off for Falmouth Harbor. To our great disappointment, we discovered all the Classic Yacht Regatta events had been moved to Nelsons Dockyard over in English Harbor. Not that we don’t like the Dockyard, but the venue just isn’t the same as the Antigua Yacht Club. All the yachts have to dock tightly packed stern to the quay making for a very limited viewing of the yachts and severely limiting any contact with the crews. Also, there were no events open to the sailing public; no parties, no happy hour gatherings – Nothing.

Fortunately, our anchoring location in Falmouth Harbor provided a great view of the start / finish area, and I was able to take some really nice photos of these beautiful yachts slicing through the 6 to 8 foot seas. Remember that you can click the images two times to view them full size.

I also managed to get a few good shots at the dock as boats pulled in after the races, and we’ll share those with you now.

There were some truly beautiful yachts at this anniversary regatta, but think back to our glowing reports of the 2014 Classic Yacht Regatta; a stunning first class event, unequaled in my experience anywhere else. Numerous parties; dockside events for all; great viewing of the yachts, and plenty of opportunity to talk with the crews. This year – none of that – nothing for us yachties. We were sorely disappointed, and unless the event changes, we would not make a special effort to attend in the future. We’d be happy to pay for a wrist band granting us entrance to happy hours and events, but there was nothing available for us. We spoke with a few of the event volunteers, and it seems this feeling was widespread among all attendees. Sad.

Winding down the Season