Off to our 2017 Season

What did we do with it? The days and weeks, I mean. Time home with family and friends evaporated like an early morning fog. Just take a deep breath, and we suddenly found ourselves back in Jolly Harbor, Antigua.

Our pre-launch preparations went off without a hitch, and as it came time to splash the yacht, Lindsay, the yard manager, called me into his office for a chat. Looking all serious he asked me to have a seat; what had I done, I wondered? Lindsay said, “We take things such as this one on a case by case basis, but I notice your wife has special mobility needs. I would like to offer you a slip on the boatyard sidewall where you can stay as long as you need, and we will only charge you the stern-to rate for dockage plus minimum charges for water and electricity.” How could we pass up such a kind offer?

Ready to Launch 2017

We spent the next 10 days right next to the boatyard, a bit noisier and dustier than the marina, but all in all, a nice experience. What did we do for 10 days? Well now, let’s take a look at that.

Help Us with our Preparations