Break in the Action

Since it was going to be a couple weeks before our new dinghy arrived, we decided to take a run down the coast to Marigot, one of our favorite, picture-perfect Caribbean anchorages. While there, we thought we might just make a special night and have dinner at the Rainforest Hideaway Restaurant which as you might recall, is one of very few, select five star restaurants. As we pulled in to locate a mooring, we talked with one of the boat boys, trying to locate Michael, our favorite. Sadly, we discovered that Michael had passed away, succumbing to diabetes. In this day and age, you might ask? Well, yes, in a country where medical care is limited to those who can afford it. There is no social welfare to speak of in St Lucia, and if you can’t pay, there is no care available.

Marigot’s Inner Harbor

Shortly after securing the boat, we took another blow – impossibly, the Rain Forest restaurant had closed down; only the bar remained open. This just didn’t seem possible as the place was always packed for dinner. Bummer.

Picture Perfect

In spite of the two blows, we made the best of our time in Marigot, running ashore for fresh pan au chocolat, fresh bread, and a few other treats. Kicking back, watching the sun set, listening to the morning birds ushering in each day. Life is good; what could be better?

Onward to One of Our Favorites