Back to St. Lucia for Another Go

Starting the night before our sail back to St. Lucia, you can be sure we insisted that Brenda follow a regimen of sea sickness medication. Bonine is our remedy of choice as it seems to work well for just about everyone. Though our weather was better than on the trip up to Martinique and our angle to the wind and waves much more gentlemanly, off the wind, we still took precautions. All went well and soon we were slicing through flat water in the lee of St. Lucia on our way south to Marigot where we would once again sample the island’s treasures.

Scott and Brenda in the Gardens
Scott and Brenda in the Gardens

We called on Paul to take us on another tour of the island, this time just the four of us visiting many favorite locations, and stopping here and there at places we wanted to see, shops, a Cassava bread bakery, and countless vistas. Our visits to St. Lucia never disappoint; each time we’ve found something new, a cool place to eat or shop, a spot to relax, new people.

Grand Piton hiding behind Ladeera's Pool
Grand Piton hiding behind Ladeera’s Pool

We managed to choose a “non-cruiseship” day for our lunch at Dasheen Restaurant and found ourselves enjoying a very quiet day and a wonderful lunch and stay at Ladeera Resort. The food, the friendly staff, the views – all are just fantastic, every time we’ve visited.

The Rainforest After Dark
The Rainforest After Dark

Once again we reserved a table for dinner at the Rainforest Hideaway Restaurant where we spent a wonderful evening with friends, enjoying a dining experience that really has no equal. I’ve said it before and will repeat myself – this restaurant is worth every penny for those one of a kind special memories, an anniversary, a birthday, or just to show your appreciation and love for someone special. If you have the chance, you should go.

Scott with the  Chef
Scott with the Chef

After dessert we enjoyed drinks sitting by the small man made lagoon where we’d parked our dinghy, watching the large Tarpon fish swimming in the bluish green lights. The restaurant’s manager and chef came out to greet us and thank us for making the effort to join them a second time. No thanks necessary as it was a very special time for us.

Before we could catch a breath, it was time to

Head back to the Big Bay