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Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes? We turned around, blinked our eyes, and the summer and fall seasons of 2015 had simply vanished, now only a pleasant memory. Christmas and New Year’s Day gone, and we found ourselves in a hotel, just north of the Tampa airport. How did we get here so soon?

Our flight to Antigua was to depart early Tuesday morning, January 12th, and we requested an 04:00 wake up call; just to be safe, we set our alarm clock. Next thing we knew, our alarm was ringing, but no wake up call. Had we not set the alarm, we surely would have missed the shuttle to the airport and our flight to the islands. Whew!

After an uneventful flight, passing through Customs and Immigration in Antigua was incredibly simple. Why so many bags, they asked. Well, we’re staying on our boat for the next six months, and we have a lot of stuff. That was it, and we were on our way to Jolly Harbor.

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