An Interesting Day

After squaring away back aboard Ocean Angel and having a bite of lunch, we hauled in chain and tried to raise the anchor. Again and again, I snubbed up the chain to bring the boat to a slamming halt. Stuck on a rock for sure, and no amount of twisting or turning the boat would free it. Just as I was about to dig out the scuba gear, the boat captain next to us asked if he could help by diving down on our anchor. Really, for free? Sure he said, don’t be silly, it happens to all of us sooner or later. I guess my head of grey hair must have helped that day!

Just Try to Do it

Once the anchor was freed from the rock, and after profusely thanking our friendly neighbor, I quickly hauled in the chain. We headed off for North Sound and the Bitter End Yacht Club, but in my haste, I had jammed the anchor in the roller stop. I had to free the anchor and chain before we reached our next stop, so working at the bow as Joy was motoring full steam northward. I finally managed to free the chain with a slam of a hammer. But the chain jumped its stop, and the anchor took off like a banshee for the bottom. I screamed at Joy to stop the boat, but on she steamed with the chain and anchor racing for the bottom. Working against time and distance, and by some miracle not losing a finger or a hand in this process, I stopped the screaming, screeching chain dead in its tracks. There was about 20 feet of chain left in the locker when it stopped, and thankfully, I did not have to test the strength of the eyebolt at the end of the chain.

Peaceful Day’s End

Whew! Well, that was interesting, said Scott, who had been helping by handing me pieces as I requested. We later described the entire day as “An Interesting Day”. What else could we call it?