A Week of Maintenance

We had no specific plans for our stay in Sint Maarten, so we rolled with the punches. Shortly after arriving I got a good punch to the gut. For whatever reason, I took a close look at the bottom of the inner bulkhead of the forward Head, and I discovered rotten wood on the lower 3 inches of the panel. This issue occurred because of a long-standing problem with shower water running down into this area. I thought I’d cured the builder’s shortcoming some years back, but it was obvious I had only delayed the inevitable deterioration of the wood.

After considerable thought, I came up with a way to route shower water to the bilge. There was a cavity under the bulkhead that formed a small pond which collected shower water allowing moisture to wick into the bottom of the bulkhead. By filling the pond, I forced water to drain to the bilge, bypassing the bottom of the bulkhead. I repaired the bulkhead with Git Rot, a miracle product in my opinion, then hired a local craftsman, David the Woodworker, to fabricate a custom molding to hide the damage and reinforce the lower edge of the bulkhead. In the end, we had a nice looking finished product, and we had cured the problem.

We shared a couple happy hours with Al from Sweet Dreams and went to dinner with him at Skipjack’s Seafood Restaurant. His wife, Maggie, had flown home to be with family for holiday. Skipjack’s Market, right inside the restaurant, is a great place to buy fresh seafood to bring back to the boat. While in Sint Maarten we refilled our propane tanks and topped up our diesel because fuel prices are very cheap and hard to pass up.