2018 Concludes

We’d finished another long run, a daunting trip of just over 70 miles, but 9 hours of pure misery. Wet, cold, and exhausted, we dropped anchor in the outer harbor and breathed a sigh of relief. Our trials were over for this season.

It’s always nice to come home, and Jolly Harbor has definitely become our second home. Whether arriving by plane early in the year, pausing mid-season, or finishing the year, we look forward to dropping our hook in Jolly Harbor. You can see why, can’t you?

Good to be Home

It was time to wrap up, clean and shine, haul out, then fly on home. We rented a small condo Joy found on VRBO where we could camp out after the boat was hauled and on the hard for the last few days of end of season maintenance, a couple repairs, and maybe some relaxing if we got the chance.

My foremost task was to replace a worn cutless bearing. Back in April I’d made arrangements with Jolly Harbor’s on-site mechanic to have this job performed, but somehow, the mechanic seemed to have forgotten my name. He’d also forgotten that I wanted the work done in late May before we flew back to the States, and he suggested I just let him do the job while I was back in the States. Been there, done that.

I talked to our new boat caretaker, Daniel, and after some persuasion he agreed to help me perform the task ourselves. With the right tools, the job was really a piece of cake. I had the special Gori tools needed to pull the propeller, and Daniel rented a cutless bearing puller which made the job effortless.

The Right Tool for the Job

The project went much quicker than I anticipated giving Joy and I time to wind down from the most difficult season we’d ever experienced. We spent our last Friday evening at the Crow’s Nest for dinner, then a lazy Sunday afternoon down on the beach enjoying lunch and a couple cool drinks. Just what we needed to refresh our minds and spirits!

There is no doubt 2019 is going to be a better year, so for now we secure all the hatches on Ocean Angel and Head Home