2018 Begins

After an amazing season in 2017 and leaving our Angel on the hard in perfect order, we decided to have Ocean Angel launched prior to our arrival on January 10, a first ever event. She had weathered two Category 5 hurricanes, Irma and Maria, both near direct hits, and she’d come through unscathed. That all appeared to be a really good sign for the upcoming season.

But, just 10 days prior to our arrival in Jolly Harbor I received an email from the boatyard advising me that our caretaker had found fuel in the bilge, never a good thing. When I called our caretaker, Disco, he told me there was “a lotta fuel in da bilge”. I asked him to clean it all out for me, and told him how to shut off the fuel supply.

Two days later Disco told me there was no more fuel leaking after shutting off the supply line. He said he had removed three 2 liter bottles of fuel. With that information in hand, it seemed we had nothing more than a small leak, perhaps a line or fitting. On to Unexpected Problems